Intro to Dear Alice

Dear Alice,

I guess it’s time to make our little relationship public. Maybe no one will read my letters to you, but perhaps someone will. So I guess I’ll introduce you and where you came from, my good friend. To the reader: Alice is not a real person, even though I treat her like a real person. Alice is what someone thought my name was over the phone due to my accent and the fact that I may or may not sound very feminine over the phone. Over the years, I made Alice to be the secret person living inside of me; she knows who I am and, since she cannot live a life of her own, I write her letters so she can experience mine. Alice has been there with me while I wrestled with my sexuality, beliefs, values, and even whether or not I should continue living. If Alice were real (what even is real anyway?), she would be my best friend.

I’m inviting you into our conversations, which are mostly one-sided as, again, Alice is not a real person that can write back to me. Maybe you’ll find some comfort in knowing that we all have an Alice we can talk to, and you might discover your Alice while reading about mine. Either way, I hope you enjoy your journey into my mind. Don’t worry too much about what you read, Alice can handle what I tell her.

Until next time dear friend.

Love, Alex

About Me

Hi, I’m Alex. Former pastor, part-time clown, and always ready to drink an oat milk latte. If you haven’t guessed it yet, I’m queer and Christian and navigating a life that is very hard. Enjoy reading my innermost thoughts as displayed by my letters to Alice, an imaginary person based on myself.

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