Dear Alice,

I know it’s been a while, and I’m sorry about it, but it’s been a crazy time. Long story short, I’m moving. I feel like I should be excited for this, but I’m really not, especially because it’s in such a busy season. Not only that, but saying goodbye to so many people just…sucks.

I made friends here; very good friends too. But I guess this is my burden. Make friends, build a life, and then start over. I would say I feel lost, but I don’t feel much of anything these days. I’m too busy packing and prepping to feel anything. But I think today, in the middle of packing and prepping and finishing, I’ll allow myself some time to feel. I’ll let myself think of all the things I’ll be leaving behind and all the things I might find in this new place.

I’ll talk to you once that happens.



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